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Hi there, Davide’s here.

I’m a metalsmith. I try to translate in metals what I understand of the world – of the reality that surrounds me. I look at the old masters, but am washed in contemporaneity (it’s 2015, obviously).

I love the old way of working the goldsmithery art: I do my research, melt my alloys, draw my sheets and plates, do my drawings, try things, adjust works on the run, envelope my pieces in words.

When I do commissioned work – and I do it, because I find it challenging and inspiring – I like to discuss it with my customer: send him/her drawings and ideas, help choose¬†the prefered one, show things in progress. I try to understand – in somewhat a “intuitive” way – what a pieces Has to be.

I work in precious metals – gold and silver – copper and brass, and japanese alloys.

I’d like to work for You.